I am a passionate man passionate about people and passionate about learning. The inevitable vagaries of this journey called life have taken me down some seemingly contradictory paths, but they have ended up making sense to me and come together in my present work.

Double Click to set image as defaultSo on one side there is the analytic, competitive Chris who loved mathematics at school, studied chemical engineering at university and moved from an asthmatic childhood to the challenges of competing internationally in the field of track athletics. The journey from teaching mathematics in schools to becoming a university mathematics education academic took me into the flames of school protests in South Africa in the 1980s to a post-apartheid experience of heading the International Group for  the Psychology of Mathematics Education on an Inclusion and Diversity ticket. Meanwhile a joy for life led me to embrace family, travel, food, wine, dance and new experiences.

So Ive experienced at first hand the limitations of an overly analytic approach to life and the way that my certainties inevitably negate your views and opinions. My teaching and general interactions in life aim to encourage us all to go beyond the limitations of our life experiences to date and experience the joys and challenges of living in a complex world where we need each other to become wiser and more flexible. And of course I try to live up to this aim in my own life!