Error and Illusion

Duration: 1 or 2 Days

This workshop takes its theme from the French philosopher, Edgar Morin, who asserted that ´there is no learning which is not to some extent vulnerable to error and illusion'.

Our entire educational and working life has been spent learning how to live in the rational world of systems, structures and processes. It is a world which is limited by its fundamental assumptions. Our deep immersion in this complicated paradigm has limited our gaze, creativity and possibilities of action to an extent that we do not even begin to notice. Our ‘new’ ideas and solutions to problems are usually just variations on an old theme of what has worked for us in the past.

The aim of this workshop is to begin a process of noticing – noticing how much we fail to notice each day; noticing how much of the time we are on automatic pilot (especially when under pressure); and noticing how we fool ourselves into thinking that we make ‘objective’ decisions.

The effects of our enculturation into this dominant paradigm are so enormous that we have multiple ways of protecting ourselves from its implications. So any lecture or traditional workshop will easily be pushed aside. This Error and Illusion workshop uses a unique interactive methodology where participants are taken to the edge to observe themselves in action and begin to understand the enormous consequences of the mistakes that their taken-for-granted assumptions and beliefs lead them into.

Once the process of noticing has been started, it is impossible to see the world in the same way again and the possibility opens for participants to start loosening the shackles that restrict their creativity and ability to cope with change. A heavy-handed limited approach to life can be replaced with a playful light touch that takes inevitable change and chaos as an opportunity for thinking about new possible solutions.

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