Complexity and Diversity

1 or 2 days

There is a wonderful definition of diversity by Roosevelt Thomas where he says that 'Diversity refers to the differences, similarities, and related tensions that exist in any mixture. Note especially that the term includes differences and similarities. Diversity is not limited to issues of race and gender, nor is it confined to the workforce. Diversity has become a code word for affirmative action. So it is something that needs to be created or sanctioned. Yet in fact diversity just is. As a codeword it then becomes politicized'.

In contrast, diversity is regarded as one of the strengths we are able to turn to in living in a complex world where we are only able to see the limitations of one own outlook through interacting with others who have lived different lives to us.

In a playful, interactive but meaningful way, this course asks participants to look at the limitations of their own thinking and to move towards embracing the possibilities that are readily at hand through interacting with diversity.
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