Leading with Intuition

Duration: 1 – 3 days

One of the consequences of our decision to followm the route of Descartes and Newton is that we have adopted an organisational mindset of people as machines and a reliance on logical rational thought as the only way of operating.

Any attempt to operate in a complex world requires us to change this rigid way of thinking to adopt what Maturana called intelligent behaviour where intelligence 'is the plasticity for participation in changing behaviour and changing relations' (in article on 'Expanding Intelligence through Love' to be found in the Resources section of this website). The first step is to pay attention to the embodied mind and the way in which an emotional capacity is an absolute necessity for good decision-making' 

This course explores the concept of intuition and the ways in which ´thinking with one´s gut' can become an additional strength when wisely and appropriately used. Normally a three day course unless sessions on Complexity and Diversity or Error and Illusion have previously been completed.
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