Speaking Engagements

When I left the School of Education, I thought I was leaving behind the world of plenary talks and other public speaking behind. Wrong! Increasingly I am being asked to give talks to different groups or teams based on the work I am currently doing. At first I was extremely resistant to the these requests as I took a purist position that I only wanted to do the more lasting work of extended interactive workshops. But having had my arm twisted a few times I´ve realised that a shorter input can powerfully capture the listener´s interest and lead them to begin important journeys.
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So what can I talk about?

It´s been quite a journey from the thin asthmatic child in primary school to the international athlete in my late teens; from the untidy chaotic worker who surprised the maths teacher in Grade 4 by being the most unlikely person in the class to have come first in a test to the lecturer in maths education who became president of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education; and from the competitive rational individualist with two left feet who studied chemical engineering to the current teacher who recognises the importance of integrating mind and body so has become passionate about movement and dance!

So I´m keen to challenge the taken-for-granted assumptions of those who think it´s too late for them to learn or change or find their passion; who think that they can control their world; who think that command and control is the only way to lead; who think that a complicated Newtonian mindset is all that is necessary to succeed in the world today; and who think that all learning has to be a serious business...

Thank you, Chris. You have encouraged me to give thought to how I behave in situations, to hold a mirror up and see myself. Your unique style of teaching is in a league of its own and I can now go back into the business world with new sense of confidence and self-awareness... Neil Ismay, NMP September 2011