Expanding Intelligence through Diversity

I've just (May 20) given a talk with this title to a group of over 100 from AngloGold Ashanti's Metallurgic Unit at Klerksdorp. The tile is taken from one of Humberto Maturana´s articles on the Biology of Business about the role that emotions play in both blocking and assisting us make more intelligent decisions. Again, this diversity thing is not about being 'nice' to others because we live in the 'new South Africa'. It's much more fundamental than that. I cannot see my own blind spots if I only hang around with people who think like me and have had the same lived experience! Sure I get the work done quicker - in the same old formulaic way - but I have no flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. For that I need a greater intelligence that comes from being able to see my own blind spots and triggers and I can only build up that plasticity for action by getting those who have had different life experiences to illuminate my failure to notice.
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