I met Chris through a work workshop and was not expecting anything more than a day filled with intensive mind learning. Instead he challenged me to my core, and some unexpected emotions. Being a rational professional this came as a surprise to me, and yet what I learnt is beyond what any teacher has ever imparted. He brings together one’s life (life-work-family) into one with such profound yet gentle leading. If there was an experience I would take and keep with me all my life, a chance encounter with Chris will be it. Thank you for being. Fikile Mkhize - Ramatseba, June 2014.

I sat in your class in 2007, teaching us Second Chance Mathematics, I am now doing a Bcomm through Unisa because you made me realize and know that numbers always have a pattern, Thank you Chris I would have never been able to register for a commercial degree without your help. Wella Vanqua, February 2014.

In my Electronic Engineering studies, I have been in various institutions around South Africa and I achieved levels of being the top student in my class. Due to these achivements and awards, I developed an attitude that I am a clever person. Chris, I cannot thank you enough for proving me wrong with my thinking, because of your lessons I have now realised that being clever starts the moment I open up my mind and allow other people to share their experiences and teach me. I did not realise that all this time I was the one who shut the door to own my learning. Thank you. Yandisa Sizamo, AIM 2013.

I never seen someone that makes learning so easy as Chris does. What an amazing way of teaching you have, Chris. Keep it up in touching more people like you did with me. Thank you a lot for everything I learnt from you. Lesiba Ramashala, AGA MDP 2013.

Chris's approach to teaching life skills has changed my approach to life from today, 23 July 2012. For the first time, I have consciously changed my behaviour in my group and learned a few ideas from group members because I allowed myself to trust their input. We managed to complete our group assignment in a record two hours, and, for the first time, had spare time to reflect on following day's work. What a crazy of learning the obvious – but maybe not so obvious to us ‘stupid’ egocentrics? Thank you Chris. Vonesai Hove, TRALAC MComm. July 2012.

I am very pleased to have been in a class of Chris Breen. I must say that he has changed my life, the way I see things and act on them. I feel like a new person. I have discovered the inner me and am looking forward to share my experiences with the world. I promise to send his lessons forward! Currently I am planning a project where I will be educating children in my community about life experiences and encourage them in understanding Diversity - in the line of Chris Breen. Thanks again... Thobela Maneli, PBIAIM4 2011-2012.

I had the absolute privilege of interacting with Chris and his off-the-wall approach over the past two years. He gave me the practical tools with which to reflect on those aspects of my personality and life that were holding me back as well as propelling me forward. I am eternally grateful for your time, humility and passion Chris. Thank you. Russell Shanglee, University of Cape Town, Executive MBA, 2012.

The interaction I had with Chris Breen has made me realise that there are things I can change which have pulled me back in the past. Thanks a lot Chris, continue to inspire a lot of us in the country and the globe. Pandelani Jeremiah Ramawa, Oliver Tambo Fellowship, 2011.

Thank you for the "seeing the gorilla" lesson you shared with the R.A.A class, it was outstanding. Cheers Prof*. Faith Leburu, Raymond Ackerman Academy, 2nd Semester, 2011.

Thank you, Chris. You have encouraged me to give thought to how I behave in situations, to hold a mirror up and see myself. Your unique style of teaching is in a league of its own and I can now go back into the business world with new sense of confidence and self-awareness... Neil Ismay, NMP September 2011

Thank you! You´ve put me back on the right track. I know and believe that I will be able to add more value to my own life. Helen Wiesinger, PBI4, 2011.

 "It is the wizard who can see his back", so says an African proverb. Chris made me see not only my back but also what is hidden deep inside me. I have never been the same since. Thank you Chris. Bash Ahmed, Ghana, MDP 2009.

Chris is an excellent facilitator. His enthusiasm and experience combined with the ability to “get under your skin” has ensured that I benefitted tremendously from the course. It has also motivated me to make a difference to myself. Thank you. 

Chris has an awesome ability to create and hold a space of safety and learning. His ability to “reach” every person in the group is amazing. I am deeply grateful for your insights and valuable knowledge-sharing. Thank you!

Wonderful, insightful. Ripped the fabric of my understanding out from underneath me and not only do I feel my eyes are open but I am also aware of the fact that I have no idea how closed they still are. 

"Chris is out of this world. He is inspiring, grounded and in touch with real life situations."

"I saw myself as I have never seen myself. Chris made my head spin and he left me with many questions and the chance to know more. Thank you!"

"Chris has a unique way of facilitating by never giving answers, but leading people to gain insight and ask questions to get to their own answers."