In his work on the Origin of Wrongness in the World, Charles Eisenstein focuses on the pervasive story of separation that currently dominates almost all cultures. He argues that when we position the ‘other’ as different from and in competition with us, we inevitably adopt a mentality of war as a mechanism for competing and winning against them. If someone is not like us, they must be different. So it becomes easier, and seemingly logical, to create a category for these different ‘others’. 

This has become a part of most of our everyday lives. Take a look at this video and notice what thought or label appears in your mind as soon as you see each of the various images.

The impact of labels and the importance of following Caroline Myss’s appeal to us to Change Our Words is highlighted in the following two short videos.

You might like to begin your own sensitization to this issue, by inviting  your Outer Witness to pay specific attention to your own use of labels for others over next few days

What labels do you give yourself? What labels have become part of your company culture?