Most of us have a Plan A for making decisions that is fairly fixed and settled, and usually comes from the same place and the same dominant archetype each time. We seldom use (or have) a Plan B!

The wisdom of our Sovereign Archetype comes from deploying intelligent discernment and flexibility in our decision making.

I have found it useful to imagine the Sovereign calling a meeting of their Inner Archetype Leadership Council for advice.

This Council consists of three members: the Warrior (Body), the Lover (Heart) and the Magician (Mind).

The Sovereign presents the problem to the Council and then turns to each Council member one after another, asking for and listening to their advice from their particular (healthy!) archetypal perspective.

After thanking each member for their input, the Sovereign dissolves the Council and reflects on the most appropriate action or decision.

Theory U offers a beautiful diagram, based on the work of Varela, that suggests a highly evolved way for Sovereign decision making to follow the U.

Once the Sovereign decision has been made, it is also useful to decide which of the Archetypes would be best suited to implementing it.

An additional benefit of this exercise is that it helps make us aware of the relative health of our Warrior, Lover and Magician. You may want to identify people close to you (at home and at work) who show strength in your weaker areas so that you can approach them for advice during this process.

It’s also useful to go beyond this inner process and take the Leadership Council concept out into the world. Get together with your team at work and identify each person’s strongest healthy archetype contribution. In meetings, make sure that the advice of all healthy archetypes is heard.