For many of us, the Magician is the easiest of the four archetypes to understand because the focus here is on the mind and head – the Magician archetype is synonymous with cognition – and this is what is most rewarded by society. The Magician is the bearer of knowledge, both ancient and new. In his fullest, the Magician is wise, thoughtful, reflective, healing, contemplative and transformative. In an ideal world, the most important people in an above-the-line society would be Magicians. Wendy Palmer gives us an inkling of the problem when she identifies CONTROL as being the main focus of the unconscious persona that is based in the head/mind. Only in the conscious form does this change to CURIOSITY.

The Healthy Magician Archetype has the following traits:

• Intuitive• Sees Multiple Perspectives
• Curious• Looks with ‘new’ eyes
• Creative• Penetrating Insights
• Initiates others• Detached and clear-headed
• Sees Patterns• Thoughtful Reflection and Meditation

The basic task of the Healthy Magician is to Speak your Truth without Fear or Judgment.

Shadow Magician Archetypes describe those who have too much (Manipulator) or too little (Dummy) Magician Energy.

Lives life of pretenceConfused by Fear
Withholds informationDoesn’t know what to do
Distorts the truthAnalysis Paralysis
Has hidden AgendasI think therefore I speak
DeceivesPlays safe
Uses intellect as a weaponEnvies others

Using this framework, consider the following questions.

i. Which is your default Magician type:

  • When calm? When under pressure?

ii. How does your Magician usually show up:

  • At work? At home?

iii. Which Shadow Magician Archetype are you most familiar with in your own behaviour? Manipulator or Dummy?